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IATSE Local 635 News Flash - July 16, 2006*

"Proudly Serving the Winston-Salem, NC Area Entertainment and Exhibition Industry Since 1923"

Even though it was short notice we tried to let as many people as possible know about the
"Be The Word On The Street" unveiling ceremonies.

We did reach some, Brother Bent Lefever along with his wife made it as well as Sister Jennifer and I along with many other members of our community to celebrate the "Official Unveiling" of the 635 engraved brick paver at 6:00 PM July 7th.
What a perfectly clear and beautiful day it was to gather with good friends and neighbors both present and past. To walk along Trade Street and find the Local 635 brick while reading lots of other participants expressions ranging from rather whimsical to quite touching all engraved on other bricks among ours.
The ceremonies began just before the First Friday Gallery Hop along Trade Street. Many notable members of our community were present and spoke during the occasion i.e. 6 time Democratic State House Representative for the 71st District, D-Larry Womble (Our brick is just a couple of feet from his and his families pavers) Winston-Salem Mayor D-Allen Joines were there not as politicians but as the involved neighbors that they are. After a few other guest speakers had their say the bands and musicians began to play, Big Ron Hunter being one, along with lots of ice cold free fresh lemonade. We had the pleasant opportunity to see some past 635 members, Trey Martin and Christian Young too!

When you have the chance, head on downtown to the southwest corner of 6th St. & Trade St. and find your IATSE Local 635 brick paver... it found it's way to a prominent spot in front of the future Arts District Information Kiosk so it will be seen by many for generations to come.


The photos in this news flash do not do this fine paver justice, you will have to go and see it yourself,

"... it's the word on the street."

July 16, 2006
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