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January General Membership Meeting
During the General Membership Meeting of Monday Jan 8th, 2018, members of our new Executive Board were sworn in.
Meet the New Executive Board!

Rally together and congratulate the new Executive board and join us for the General Membership Meeting for Monday Feb. 5th 2018 to be held (until further notice) In the Greenroom of the Joan Hanes Theatre.


68th Quadrennia Greetingsl
- 68th Quadrennial -
Delegates Picklesimer and Valoris returned form the IATSE 68th Quadrennial Convention and provided an overview report of the proceedings at the August General Membership Meeting. Informative and motivating information was presented to the members in attendance. One enlightening bit of info was for the first time almost all the documents, proceedings and information handed out and used by the delegates has been made available in digital form. All of these documents and information are available in the "Secure" Members Section (UN & PW Required).
Whenever you have some time, Log In to the Secure Members Section, review the many documents available and read up on what has, is and will be going on in your growing IATSE.
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Around The Nation
IATSE Training Trust - ETCP CD & DVD Piracy Is Theft! IATSE Lynda.com

The Entertainment Technician Certification Program (ETCP) will launch a practice exam for the Portable Power Distribution Technician certification examination on April 1, 2017. The web-based practice exam will consist of fifty questions is available from that date forward for forty dollars at etcp.esta.org/practiceexams Candidates should go to the "Candidates" link and then follow the menu to ETCP and choose this exam.

Don't Be A Pirate!
Combating online theft and the sale of illegal CDs and DVDs Is nothing short of defending U.S. jobs and benefits. In the case of music, experts estimate that the digital theft of sound recordings costs the U.S. economy $12.5 billion in total output and costs U.S. workers 71,060 jobs. In the motion picture industry, piracy results in an estimated $5.5 billion in lost wages annually, and the loss of an estimated 141,030 jobs that would otherwise have been created.
(Hey... this means don't share your Hulu, Netflix, HBO NOW and other User Names & Passwords too...)
Find lists of legal sites for downloading/streaming movies, television shows and music.
Read Local 635 Lynda Registration Info Flyer
The IATSE will continue to offer premium annual discounted lynda.com subscriptions to members in good standing and local union staff for $26 We urge you to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Contact our Lynda Group Assistant for details. There are over 3,500 courses taught by recognized industry experts!

Let's Go Green!Not Just For St. Patrick's
A significant green resolution for the International was an upgrade to their database system that will allow them to offer our members the option of receiving the Official Bulletin in an electronic format. Register for this exciting new option. Sign up, make a difference!

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Are you an employer or business in the entertainment or exhibition industries looking for skilled, experienced and certified professionals? Then let us assist you. Contact our Call Stewards for solutions to all your labor needs.


(336) 399-7382

Please note our
"New Mailing Address"
P.O. Box 24864
Winston-Salem, NC 27114-4864

Here are the members of the Executive Board that you may contact by email:
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Business Representative
Member Assistance
Members Section
This section contains
Policy Statements,
Committee Information,
Required Dress,
Work Rules,
Suggested Tool List,
Dues Payment Schedule,
and the Online PayPal Dues Payment System.
You can even order T-Shirts online at the
635 PayPal Swag Shop.
Seminars, Training, Events & Bulletins
All these and more are brought to you by the Education Committee. They will include up coming seminars, training, safety bulletins and yep you guessed it, events organized by your ever diligent Education Committee.
Employment Forms
Need a copy of the EPS paperwork for first time employees or want to view the current EPS Payroll Report, this is the page.
Guides and Policies
Want an up-to-date copy of the Basic Agreement? How about your very own copy of the 635 Constitution... well look no further for these and many more.
IATSE Statement Against Sexual Harassment in the Entertainment Industry
From IA President - Matthew D. Loeb
"I also encourage all members to widely publicize the
IATSE Safety Hotline."

Since 1923 Local 635 has been a fully chartered affiliate of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees,
Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crafts of the United States, It's Territories and Canada, AFL-CIO, CLC

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